Clinical Educator


SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital
RN - Full Time Days

TheClinical Educator is responsible for the educational needs assessment,planning, development, delivery, coordination and evaluation of a variety ofclinical education programs for Saint Louis University Hospital. Theeducator also provides support to the learner community and supports ongoingTenet initiatives.

Identifieseducational needs via Performance Improvement findings, Quality Initiatives,formal/informal conversations with hospital personnel and medical staff,participation in committees/teams/task force meetings and direct observation ofneed and surveys.

Plans,directs, coordinates and implements educational activities including programs,inservices and continuing education offerings.

AssistsDirectors, Manager and designates in planning and carrying out staffdevelopment programs.

Maintainsand or facilitates maintenance of current course records, files and teachingmaterials.

AdvisesManagers and Supervisors of staff status related to completion of mandatoryrequirements.

Supportscorporate training initiatives including .Edu, and other enterprise-wide, orregionally based programs. Includes .edu and other standardized corporateofferings into curriculum when possible. Uses .edu at an expert level. Partnerswith departmental and other hospital educators.

Participatesin Regulatory Compliance by collaborating with appropriate individuals todevelop, present, monitor and evaluate staff educational requirements.

Demonstratesknowledge of growth and development and show clinical expertise for ages ofpatients served, including pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric in orderto accommodate the specific learning needs of staff.


- Minimum Education: Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing; Preferred BSN or Masters

- Minimum Experience: 5 years clinical educational programmatic experience in the Emergency Room

- Required Course: Current Missouri license

- Working Conditions: Regular exposure to the risk of bloodborne diseases. Contact with patients under wide variety of circumstances. Exposure to unpleasant elements (accidents, injuries, illness).

- Subject to varying and unpredictable situations.

- May perform emergency care. Pressure due to multiple competing demands.

- High level of stress due to variable workload with deadlines. Handles occasional crisis situations. Subject to many interruptions. Occasional pressure due to multiple calls and inquires.

- Physical Requirements: Occasional prolonged, standing/walking and sitting. Occasionally reaching stooping, bending, kneeling, crouch, lifting, pushes/pulling 30 pounds. Must be able to communicate information in a manner appropriate for intended audience

- Cognitive Demands: Must be able to work independently and in groups, in a quiet or distractible environment, on a structure or unstructured task. Must have good organizational, planning, reasoning, judgment, problem-solving, safety awareness skills, and cognitive flexibility

- Social Conditions

- Must be able to work alone, with others and around others, in a quiet or distractible environment.

- Must be able to communicate information in a manner appropriate for intended audience.

- May come into contact with individuals who may behave

- or speak in an aggressive, hostile, threatening, or confused manner.