Endoscopy Tech Job

Full Job Title: Endoscopy Tech

Job Number: 17015109

Facility: SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital

Location: St. Louis, MO

Schedule: PRN



SSM Health St. Louis University Hospital
Endoscopy Tech - PRN
  • Qualified healthcare provider trained in assisting with endoscopic procedures, clean and disinfects endoscopy scopes, and as needed, transports patients to and from the department.
  • Assist in other endoscopic procedures (i.e. ICU cases, etc.)
  • Clean and process dirty endoscopes.
  • Able to operate all equipment necessary to complete job.
  • Ensures all supplies are available for patient care.
  • Assist with tracking inventory in hospital inventory system IMMS, ordering supplies, and storing of all inventory.
  • Responds to decrease in workload by assisting in Holding/Recovery transporting patients to and from the department to the front entrance for discharge, changing bed linens, and or turning procedure rooms over to accommodate next patient.
  • Display positive attitude to support teambuilding by demonstrating enthusiasm for non-routine and or extra duties.
  • Actively seeks ways to develop skills locally as well as through the hospital sponsored in-services. Demonstrates attitude of cooperation when working.
  • Assumes responsibilities and ownership in solving problems and resolving complaints.
  • Works with minimal supervision and maintains high quality standards.
  • Practices universal precautions and disposes of hazardous wastes per
  • established guidelines.
  • Cleans equipment prior to storage in proper place.
  • Maintains storage areas in endoscopy.
  • Maintains a safe clean working area.
  • Inspects area daily for compliance with policies, procedures, regulations and standards.
  • Places work orders for repair of equipment.
  • Reports environmental hazards and needed repairs appropriately.
  • Wears proper endoscopy attire.
  • Assumes responsibility for completing all annual mandatory requirements.
  • Assists in the nursing care and preparation of the Endoscopy patients.


Job Specifications

  • High School graduate required
  • Technical or Vocational training-CPR - CNA Certification
  • Prior procedural tech/advanced endo tech experience of a least one year.
  • Working Conditions: Must be able to travel to and between Endoscopy rooms and as well as the Radiology department. May be required to wear protective clothing such as masks, gowns, and gloves in addition to adhering to the department dress code. Regularly exposed to body fluids with potential exposure to blood-borne disease. Must be able to work with electrical equipment. May be exposed to hot/cold materials and chemical agents (see MDS sheets). May be exposed to latex.
  • Social Conditions: Must be able to work alone, with others, and around others. May come in contact with individuals who may behave or speak in an aggressive, hostile, threatening or confused manner.
  • Cognitive Demands: Must be able to work independently and in groups, in a quiet or distractible environment, on a structured or unstructured task. Must have good organization planning, reasoning, judgment, problem solving, safety awareness skills, and cognitive flexibility.
  • Physical Requirements: Must be able to tolerate prolonged, extensive or considerable sitting, standing, and walking. Must be able to transfer adult patients who require maximal assistance. Must be able to carry heavy equipment (20 pounds) and supplies. Must be able to maneuver a wheelchair or stretcher in order to complete their job task. Must be able to tolerate considerable reaching, bending, squatting, and kneeling to retrieve equipment and perform patient treatment. Must be able to read and write. Must be able to communicate information in a manner appropriate for intended audience. Must have manual dexterity and mobility.
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